Bkav launches the electronic personal income tax deduction documents platform
10:33:00 | 04-08-2022

The platform allows businesses to easily create and manage the Electronic Personal Income Tax (PIT) Deduction Documents in accordance with the standards of the Vietnam Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Finance promulgates the regulation that, from July 1, 2022, organizations, businesses, and individuals will officially stop using paper deduction documents issued by tax authorities and self-printed documents as prescribed in Circular 37 and convert to using electronic PIT deduction documents under Decree 123 and Circular 78.

To help businesses easily use electronic PIT deduction documents in accordance with the regulations, Bkav Corporation launches the Bkav eChungtu electronic documents. The platform is developed on the latest web-based technology, providing businesses with a full set of forms to use and register with tax authorities. At the same time, Bkav eChungtu supports the creation of PIT deduction documents in a simple way: by creating each sheet for businesses that use a few documents, creating many sheets in batches, and easily integrating with available business systems.

Bkav eChungtu has integrated the most recent digital signing technologies, such as USB Token Digital Signing and Remote Digital Signing, allowing businesses to digitally sign documents on mobile devices at any time and from any location, ensuring the highest legal value of personal income tax deduction documents.

When using Bkav eChungtu, businesses are also provided with statistical and reporting functions. With just one click, businesses can export a periodic report on the use of PIT deduction documents to send to the tax authorities. Bkav eChungtu will help businesses save up to 80% in time and costs, such as no longer paying the cost of delivering documents but sending them electronically, such as emails and messages. Businesses also do not have to worry about loss, fire, or damage because data is stored in an electronic environment that is safe with Bkav's Digital Signature and security solutions.

Mr. Nguyen Kho Din, General Director of SME Digital Transformation Platform Company, a member of Bkav Corporation, said: "With the launch of the Bkav eChungtu platform, Bkav has basically provided a full ecosystem of digital transformation products that any business needs. The products bring great benefits to businesses, helping them operate safely in the digital environment, save time and costs."

On the occasion of the launch, Bkav applies a special promotion program for customers: free of charge for account creation for businesses that have used Bkav eHoadon e-invoice and a 50% discount on account creation fees for businesses that have not used Bkav eHoadon when registering during the period from July 25, 2022 to August 25, 2022.

The SME Digital Transformation Platform Company, a member of Bkav Corporation, provides products for businesses such as the Public Digital Signature Service, Electronic Invoice Service, Electronic Tax Service, etc. The products are being used by hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country, typically Hoa Sen Group, Bitexco Group, Son Ha Group, Daikin Group, KIDO Group, and chain stores such as KingBBQ, ThaiExpress, Pizza Hut, Highlands Coffee, and so on.