Bkav Hardware Solution launched to provide hardware solution services
02:15:00 | 10-05-2022

On May 10, Bkav Corporation officially launches its member company Bkav Hardware Solution (BHS), providing the services of research, development and production of electronic products, orienting its operations as an ODM manufacturer, similar to Foxconn model. The strategy of BHS is to support domestic enterprises to strongly participate in the electronics industry, promote the formation of powerful hardware manufacturing companies, and create innovative products Make in Vietnam. BHS has earned the Golden Design Partner certificate from Qualcomm, one of the world’s largest chipset manufacturers.

Vietnam is in a golden age to become a technology power. The electronics industry has made great advances, but full self-control requires more resources. Bkav has 20 years of investment, research and development of electronic products, creating an ecosystem of human resources, technology, systems of design and production processes as well as a supply chain network. In particular, through the Golden Design Partner certificate, Bkav can use technology resources in the Qualcomm ecosystem. Therefore, Bkav wants to share its existing resources, accompany enterprises to create high-quality technology products, and jointly build an electronics industry owned by Vietnamese people.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dang, General Director of Bkav Hardware Solution (BHS), said: “Making electronic products in Vietnam is difficult, requiring strong investment capital, good human resources, a creative culture, and a worldwide supply network. Not many businesses converge on these things, even on a global scale. Understanding these difficulties, we want to share resources, join enterprises in applying high technology, helping to shorten product development time and reduce investment costs. If there are 10 more powerful hardware manufacturing companies, Vietnam will soon realize its aspiration of a technology power”.

BHS provides multi-field technology solutions including mobile devices, AIoT products, Automotive, network equipment, etc. In addition, BHS develops SOM (System on Module) packaged into a solution suite helping to accelerate the development progress by removing design complexity, allowing customers to focus on creating solutions.

BHS’s services include ODM, OEM and consulting services, all-inclusive from concept, style, mechanical and electronic designs to product manufacturing.

We orient to operate as an ODM manufacturer, a Foxconn of Vietnam”, added Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dang.

Details of solutions, products and services of Bkav Hardware Solution are available at website https://bhs.bkav.com.