Bkav Anti-MacroVirus Guide
03:56:00 | 11-11-2011

Bkav Anti-MacroVirus is a program for detecting and removing Macro viruses infecting spreadsheet files (Excel). In some cases, the program might repair the corrupted Excel files by deleting the faulty parts (macro sheets, junk Names, etc.).

The term Macro commonly defines the code used for automatic task performance. With just one Macro command, users can avoid performing repeated tasks. Microsoft Office's applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all enable Macros right on document, spreadsheet or presentation files. Hackers have taken advantage of this to write Macro viruses which infect document files (.doc, .docx), spreadsheet files (.xls, .xlsx) or presentation files (.ppt, .pptx) of Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Macro viruses increase the actual size of the infected data files, affect users' manipulation as well as steal or damage users' data. The viruses are activated when users open the infected files. From then on, if users open other data files at the same time, they will be infected with virus. In that way, Macro viruses "self-replicate" to spread.

The symptoms of spreadsheet files (Excel) infected with Macro viruses: When users run Microsoft Excel, the program will automatically open new sheets named "yyyyy" or "Book1", and Macro warnings appear.

To fully remove Macro viruses from Excel files, please take the following steps:

Step 1: Download Bkav Anti-MacroVirus here

Step 2: Run Bkav Anti-MacroVirus, in the main window, click Chọn thư mục… (Browse for folder) to go to the folder you wish to scan for Macro viruses.

Step 3: In Browse for Folder window, select the folder or the drives containing the Excel files you need to scan for Macro viruses, click OK.

Step 4: Configure your scan:

  • Sao lưu trước khi diệt (Backup before scanning): During the scanning process, if detecting any files infected with Macro viruses, the program will backup the files before removing the viruses. You might use Bkav Restore to restore these files if necessary (Download Bkav Restore here).
    Note: You should choose to store the backups in the drive that has the most free space on the computer. If backup folder is not chosen, by default, the program will backup the files onto C:\BkupScanMarco.
  • Xóa tất cả Names lỗi (Remove all faulty Names): An Excel file comprises lots of objects (Font, calculation formula, image, text, etc.). Name is also one of Excel's objects. Junk names are the redundant ones, created by the virus. That's why users should adopt this option so that the program will remove all the junk names after processing the virus, which helps avoid the annoying error warnings when these files are opened (by default, this option is selected).
  • Diệt tất cả Macro (Remove all Macros): Bkav Anti-MacroVirus will remove all Macros on your computer, regardless of whether they are viruses or not. Users who use Macro for their work are recommended not to choose this option so that Bkav Anti-MacroVirus will only kill the Macro viruses of which it has the exact definitions.

Step 5: Click Quét (Scan) to start Macro viruses scan and removal.


  • You should not run any Excel files during the scanning process.
  • With files protected with passwords, you must enter the passwords in the Excel's Password box so that the program can continue scanning the files. If the entered passwords are incorrect, Bkav Anti-MacroVirus will skip such files to the next ones.