Notes to take when using Bkav Internet Security
04:02:00 | 20-10-2012

Thank you for using Bkav Internet Security – the antivirus software using Cloud Computing Technology, awarded with international certificate. It would require a Bkav Internet Security License for you to enjoy full features and direct technical support from our specialists.

Notes to take when using Bkav Internet Security

1. If you encounter any problems regarding virus, spyware or adware, please contact Bkav via the exclusive phone number for Bkav Internet Security customers, or send email to the exclusive support email address for Bkav Internet Security users to get timely support. It is the right that clients are granted when using licensed Bkav Internet Security software.

2. Bkav Internet Security updates all types of viruses, spyware, adware, rootkit, soon as they appear.The performance of Bkav Internet Security's update is completely automatic.

3. As recommended by Microsoft (the manufacturer of Windows operating system), a computer should use a unique anti-virus software. The simultaneous installation and use of more than one antivirus software on the same computer will cause software conflict, resulting in mistaken detection of virus or unstable system's operation, even system crash. Therefore, to ensure the effectiveness, you should not install other antivirus software on your computer with Bkav Internet Security.

4. If you could not remember or retrieve your Bkav Internet Security License, please contact us to get your Customer ID and registration code retrieved.

5. One Bkav Internet Security license can be used for only one computer. If you buy or use a new computer, please contact Bkav via the exclusive support information for Bkav Internet Security user, Bkav will help you to transfer Bkav Internet Security license to a new computer.

6. Some symptoms to identify that your computer may be infected with new virus, spyware or adware:

  • Unknown files (AutoRun.inf, New Folder.exe...) automatically generate when you open USB drive.
  • Your browser automatically displays an unknown website, your desktop screen is changed.
  • On the lower right corner of your screen, there is a small icon with the notification: "Your computer is infected" or "VirusAlert"...

In these cases, please contact Bkav Contact Center to get timely support.