Bkav SmartHome launches Smart Switch
02:55:00 | 23-09-2019

September 18, Bkav SmartHome Company (a subsidiary of Bkav Technology Corporation) officially launches Smart Switch at the price of 1,890,000 VND (approximately 80 USD). The device is installed and replaced right on the technical box of the mechanical switch, which can control a variety of devices such as light system, automatic gate, water heater, automatic watering system, etc.


Bkav SmartHome Switch has a modern and sophisticated design with high-end Gorilla glass surface and monolithic aluminum frame. Four touch buttons on the surface correspond to four power channels.

Remote control function via the Internet allows Bkav SmartHome Switch to control home appliances on smartphones or tablets. Users can also set up an activity schedule for each device or script for devices in the home.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Co, General Director of Bkav SmartHome, said: “Our market research shows that there are many potential customers who do not really need a smarthome system, but still want a smart utility which can control some important devices in the house. Therefore, Bkav SmartHome Switch is a suitable utility product for customers who do not need to equip a smart home system with high cost and full features”.

In addition to 12-month warranty, the users reserve the maximum support from the manufacturer with the policy of at-store return and exchange.

The market of smart switch is quite diverse with many types and different origins. However, most of them are Chinese ODM products (ordered from China, labeled with Vietnam) or Chinese origin which are uncertain, unstable operation, low life expectancy, unsafe, flammable and explosive.