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Cyber security training
Cyber security training programs by Bkav experts
Cyber security consists of many factors: Technology, operation and human. Among them, human is not only the most important factor but also the weakest. To ensure cyber security, investment into human factor must be treated equal to equipment investment. According to Bkav statistics, most critical security incidents, occurred in enterprises/organizations, are due to the human factor.
Bkav provides 2 cyber security training courses, including:
Bkav Cyber Security Awareness Training
The course provides indispensable knowledge about cyber security for organizations and enterprises applying IT in its operations (doing businesses, manufacturing) such as how to detect threats from Internet, malware, phishing and how to prevent/avoid the risks how to protect its own computer system and data etc.
Cyber security engineer training – BCSE WhiteHat
BCSE – WhiteHat provides indispensable knowledge about cyber security for administrators such as: How to design a safe and secured network;, popular attack techniques and how to detect and prevent effectively; malware operation mechanism, and comprehensive protection solution; how to effectively monitor operations and check for network system vulnerability etc.