Bkav Total NAC (BTN)

The management solution of information security policy

The management solution of information security policy BTN standardizes security policies and intercepts APT attacks that use malicious code. Regular NAC solutions have features to ensure that computers are protected by anti-virus software. However, those solutions cannot intercept special types of viruses used in APT attacks. BTN is a comprehensive NAC solution which is integrated with advanced features to intercept such types of viruses.

Tính năng của BTN

Implementation model

Mô hình triển khai


Tính năng
  • BTN controls and standardizes information security policies in the system.
  • Security Policy: The core of BTN lies in information security policies in a system
  • Endpoint Management: Centralized management of terminal devices
  • Identity & Access Management: Managing identities and access right of computers in a system
  • Configuration Management: Managing security configuration in a system
  • Audit & Compliance: Checking and ensuring the compliance with information security policies
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Discovery & Inventory: Detecting breaches
  • Policy Enforcement: Executing solutions to ensure security in case of detecting breaches
  • Report & Solution: Generating security statistics, report and warnings for administrators

Intercepting APT attacks

Chống tấn công APT

Preventing the risk of specialized malware in APT attacks

  • Controlling data input into the system to ensure such data are opened in a safety isolated environment - Safe Run (including files such as .doc, .xls, .pdf, etc. attached in emails)
  • Controlling software installation, intercepting attacks and malware infection from malicious software

Protecting against the risk of resided malware and stolen data

  • Controlling and intercepting remote control software
  • Controlling data share within a network in order to prevent virus infection and data breach
  • Controlling, detecting high-volume data copy through USB or LAN, in order to protect against data theft

Other features

Chức năng khác

Statistics and report

Thống kê báo cáo
  • Generating visual statistics and reports to help administrators see the clear panorama picture of the implementation of network security policies.
  • Configuring the function of receiving report for each client or all clients, per type or all types of violations etc…
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  • HCM City: (84-28) 6296 6626
  • DuAn@bkav.com
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