Bkav IPS Firewall – Next Generation (BIF)
Next Generation Firewall Appliance
Currently, website services and electronic portals of organizations and businesses are permanently targeted by hackers. Most current available attack prevention products such as Firewall and IDS/IPS have no effective solution to this problem.
Beside features such as URL Filter, Web Content Filter, Application Control, Load Balancing, etc, Bkav IPS Next Generation Firewall (BIF NGFW) is one of the very few available firewalls that are fully equipped with DDoS and web protection features.
Operation model
Outstanding features
DDoS protection – Smart Defence
  • BIF: Automatically detect and prevent abnormal activities, send attack warnings to system administrators via SMS, email, etc.
  • Automatically update attack symptom database from Bkav
  • Prevent DDoS at Application Layer and Network Layer (TCP SYN/ UDP/ ICMP Flood, etc.)
Web application protection – Smart Filter
  • BIF: Automatically detect and prevent attacks to web applications
  • Prevent attacks based on OSWASP Top 10
  • Automatically update attack symptom database from Bkav
Virtual private network - VPN
BIF provides VPN solution with various state-of-the-art and effective security encryption protocols to ensure system security, supporting two deployment models, Site-to-Site and Remote Access.
Application control
  • Control the applications by policies. For example: Do not allow sending emails with documentary attachments to avoid information leak; control access to social networks, video, etc.
  • Simplify for system administrators
Load balancing
  • Balance the incoming/outgoing traffic of the system
  • Ensure the availability of the service
  • Optimize the cost of transmission
Bandwidth management
Deployment model
Contact information
  • Hanoi: (84-24) 3763 2552
  • HCM City: (84-28) 6296 6626
  • DuAn@bkav.com
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