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Cyber Security Audit
Overall audit service means assessing infrastructure, processes and people of a system to find out its vulnerabilities
Bkav security experts will fully identify existing security problems in the entire system, from network infrastructure, applications and people to operation processes. The audit result will be given with consultations by our experts to help businesses/organizations identify the orientation and roadmap to invest and deploy network security and security assurance at reasonable costs.
Cyber security audit and assurance service
Website security audit

Website security audit system of BAS

Application security audit

Audit contents

Network infrastructure security audit

Audit contents

Server Security Audit

Audit contents

Information security management system & social engineering
Bkav conducts document audits based on control objectives and measures which are compatible with ISO 27001.
Use Social Engineering technique on some actual human-involved processes.

Social Engineering

Staff security awareness audit

Information security management system
Security assurance & incident response service

Network systems of agencies and organizations consist of various important services, particularly online services. Therefore, the systems should have plans to monitor the availability and security continuously, in order to early detect the risks and symptoms of attacks aiming to steal data, etc.

In case of being attacked, there should be an emergency response plan to address the incident, minimize the time of interruption and data loss.

Network security assurance and incident response service will provide agencies and organizations with strict security protection for the network system and provide technical assistance to deal with incidents in case of malfunction, system failure or system attack.

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