Bkav Pro Internet Security
Bkav Pro Internet Security is the antivirus software pioneering in using cloud computing technology in security, the best software chosen by Vietnam Information Security Association.
Bkav Internet Security removes malwares in real-time and is especially equipped with technologies which detect malwares based on their behavior, helping preventing malware intrusion without having to update their signatures beforehand. Therefore, to protect your computer against every threats caused by malware, including targeted-attack malware, ransomware, etc. With features like Anti Leak, Safe Payment, Anti Keylogger, etc. your data and privacy will be ensured in safety regardless of where you are, what you are doing like surfing the web, connecting to social networking sites, or carrying online transactions.
Using Bkav Pro Internet Security, you are continuously updated with the latest protection technologies, while getting direct support from leading security experts. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to pay for this unlimited technical support service. Free yourself from the burden of having to act like a security expert, you can trust in Bkav Pro Internet Security.
You can order Bkav Pro here.
Bkav Pro, Bkav Home Plus and Bkav Home comparison:
Feature Bkav Pro Bkav Home
In-memory virus scan
Anti Leak
Safe Payment
Anti Keylogger
Scan scheduling
Running in kernel mode
Safe Download
Auto update
Registry protection
Personal firewall
Deep scan
Smart scan
Quick scan
Memory optimization
Packed file scan
Anti Leak
Anti Fake AV
Realtime Protection
Reputation Based Detection
Trojan, Backdoor removal
Bkav Community-based protection Online System - BCOS
Anti Rootkit
Virtual Keyboard
Prevent hackers from penetrating and control computers
Prevent virus spreading via chat programs
Share – full Protection
Site Advisor
Parental Control
Host Intrusion Prevention system - HIPS
Safe Run
USB Protection
Remove metamorphic virus
Remove deep-infecting virus
Anti Ransomware
Safe Facebook
Live Connect
Exclusive support phone number
Exclusive support email
Some images of Bkav Pro Internet Security
Main interface
New features
Live update
Technical support
A corner of Bkav Pro Customer Care Center