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After a long absence, data-destroying virus has come back. About 20 days ago, Bkav virus monitoring system detected a virus programmed to delete all data in hard-disk drives, except for the drive that Windows was installed.
Bkav announced the official launch of BkavEnterprise – the comprehensive security solution for business computing environment. This is a high-class Bkav pedigree which Bkav researchers have been studying and developing in the past two years.
Bkis, a prestigious software packet manufacturer in Vietnam, has officially joined Business Software Alliance (BSA). Accordingly, made-by-Bkis software will be protected in Vietnam in particular and in the world in general.
Recently, a new phenomenon of faking mobile phone numbers has emerged, causing bewilderment among public.
Miscreants have begun creating malware that overwrites software update applications from Adobe and others.