Bkav security experts from Vietnam show that Face ID can be fooled by mask, which means it is not an effective security measure.
One month after the first Bphone 2017 reached users, this “Designed by Bkav, Made in Vietnam” smartphone has come to different areas in Vietnam to capture the best shots of the country. It also travels to Germany, Australia, etc. and produces stunning pictures of the lives and people there.
Bphone 2017, the latest smartphone of Bkav, still remains its philosophy of flat and simplified design. When other recently-launched flagships of Apple, Samsung such as iPhone 8/8+, Note 8, etc. have all-glass front and back like Bphone 2017, it can be said that this smartphone is the trendsetter.
This week, Vietnamese photographer Tuan Lion posted online some photos taken quickly by Bphone 2017.
August 8th, Bkav Corporation officially launches smartphone Bphone 2017 at Vietnam National Convention Center.