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16:33:00 | 14-04-2013

Bkav detects a critical vulnerability in Viber
Warning over bug in Android Viber chat appBBC
Critical app flaw bypasses screen lock on up to 100 million Android phonesArs Technica
Viber Exploit Lets Hackers Unlock Your Android PhonePCMag

Bkav releases a fix for new lock screen flaw on Samsung and Sony phones
Temporary fixes released for Samsung Android lock-screen glitchComputerWorld
Bkav Finds Fix for Latest Galaxy S III Lockscreen Security FlawSoftPedia
Samsung Lock Screen Bypass Has Dueling Third-Party SolutionsPCMag
Bkav Resolves Xperia Z's Lockscreen Bypass Issue - SoftPedia
Sony Xperia Z Security Flaw Fixed Ahead of UpdateTech Investor News

Bkav detects the origin of the DDoS attack targeting USA and Korea
Computer attack may not have originated in North Korea after allUSAToday
UK, Not North Korea, Source of DDOS Attacks, Researcher SaysPCWorld
Source of Cyber Attacks Originated From BritainKoreatimes
Researchers: Attacks on U.S., Korea sites came from U.K.CNET
Master Control Server for Mydoom DDoS Botnet Tracked to UKSoftPedia
Experts: Cyberstrikes originated from Britain, not North KoreaThe Guardian

Bkav detects a critical vulnerability in Google Chrome after a few days rolled out
Google issues first patches for ChromeComputerWorld
Yet Another Chrome Security FlawSoftPedia

Bkav detects vulnerabilities in update file and Launch function of Adobe products
Trojan poses as Adobe update utilityThe Register
New malware overwrites software updatersComputerWorld
Malware Takes Over Windows, Adobe UpdatersDarkReading
Adobe PDF Security Issue Still Exploitable, Researchers SayeWeek
Adobe fails to fully fix PDF bugComputerWorld
Adobe auto-launch peril not fully purged, researcher saysThe Register
Researchers find hole in Adobe fixZDNet

Black Hat conference: Bkav publishes the vulnerability in face recognition technology deployed in laptops around the world
Laptop face-recognition tech easy to hack, warns Black Hat researcherComputerWorld
Vietnamese security firm: Your face is easy to fakeCNET
Laptop facial recognition defeated by PhotoshopThe Register
Researchers Hack Faces In Biometric Facial Authentication SystemsDarkReading

Bkav's report about Conficker: Over 1.1 million computers still infected.
Conficker worm might originate in ChinaCNET
Conficker.c infects small number of U.S. PCs, IBM says - ComputerWorld
Is Conficker Finally History?PCWorld
Conficker zombie botnet drops to 3.5 millionThe Register

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