Bkav enters top 10 antivirus softwares in the world

03:52:00 | 23-10-2012

In Virus Bulletin's year-end comparative tests, Bkav has excellently bypassed more than 50 famed antivirus softwares to enter top 10 antivirus softwares in the world. This is the most important test in the year in the field of antivirus, with the record number of the participating softwares.

The softwares participating in the test have to experience different testing rounds with virus samples collected by Virus Bulletin 3 weeks before and one week after products submission. The scan result is counted as RAP Score. RAP Score consists of Reactive and Proactive score, in which Reactive score measures the software's ability to respond to known viruses; and Proactive score measures the product's ability to react to newly emerging threats.

Bkav's RAP Score is 91.3/100, which ranks seventh in the 64 product comparative review, bypassing well-known names such as Symantec and PC Tools (66.7/100), Kaspersky (88.3/100) and McAfee (64.9/100), etc.

John Hawes, VB Test team Director, said in the comparative review that the tests were performed on Windows 7 Professional, which is expected to become more popular than Windows XP in 12 months time. Thus, there was a record number of participating products this time. He also said: "Bkav is a fairly fresh face in our VB100 tests, but has shown impressive improvements in the few tests it has appeared in, […] and our congratulations on one of the best performances of the month".

You can read the full Virus Bulletin Comparative Review at: www.virusbtn.com.


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