Google exploited to spread virus

22:01:00 | 10-12-2010



Most Internet users have a habit of searching for information by Google. That explains why hackers always try to insert malicious code into the top keywords of this search engine, which has turned Google into a huge virus spreading source.



Events that attract public attention worldwide such as Halloween, World Cup, etc. have always been hackers' targets. Bad guys continuously generate many websites containing viruses and use sophisticated techniques to move the websites towards the first displayed search results of Google, which users are most likely to click. Besides hot events, searching for software, video clips, music files or celebrities' information, etc. may lead users to websites containing viruses as well.

Christmas and New Year 2011 is approaching. Such occasions are supposed to be taken advantages to spread virus. Thus, users should raise their vigilance when searching by Google or by any other search engines. Additionally, users should only visit familiar websites and only download software, video clips, music files, etc. from websites of reputable providers.



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