CEO Nguyen Tu Quang explained the operating principles of Bluezone
09:30:00 | 07-08-2020

Facing the complicated developments of the pandemic, in order to quickly localize and fight the pandemic, Viet Nam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc asked the people to install Bluezone - an application that helps quickly detect people at risk of infection.

To help everyone better understand the operating principles of Bluezone, on his personal Facebook page, CEO Nguyen Tu Quang explained the mechanism of Bluezone, on behalf of Bkav's development team.

Here is the post of CEO Nguyen Tu Quang:

There are still many of you who are not really sure how Bluezone works. On behalf of the development team, I will interpret them in the simplest way as follows:

1. Bluezone automatically scans and recognizes other nearby phones that have also installed Bluezone. This is like recording the HISTORY of your contacts with other people.

2. When detecting any confirmed case of COVID-19, the contact HISTORY on the patient's phone is looked up and compared with the contact histories of all other Bluezone users nationwide.

If the HISTORY on your device shows a log that matches the contact HISTORY of the above patient, Bluezone will alert that you have been in CONTACT WITH a CONFIRMED CASE OF COVID-19.

3. Bluezone ensures user privacy by not recognizing the identities, phone numbers and locations of the people you have ever been in contact with. It only records the code of the contacted and this code keeps changing every 15 minutes.

4. You must always turn on Bluetooth because Bluezone uses Bluetooth waves to measure the contact distance. Bluezone only uses about 10% of battery life every day.

In his concluding remarks at the online meeting with provinces and cities on Covid-19 pandemic prevention, the Prime Minister assessed that Bluezone is an important but still new issue in our country. The Prime Minister has assigned the Viet Nam Ministry of Information and Communications to take the responsibility and guide the coordination with the Viet Nam Ministry of Health and the Provincial People's Committees to quickly implement this.

Bluezone is an application developed by Bkav and has been deployed since April 2020, available on both iOS and Android platforms. Details about Bluezone and how to download the app can be found at: