VnReview: sNight on Bphone B86 is on par with iPhone Pro Max and Google Pixel 4
10:32:00 | 20-05-2020

On the morning of May 18, CEO Nguyen Tu Quang shared on the fanpage of Bphone Fans Club community about the night photography of sNight equipped on Bphone B86, which is also a very important feature for smartphone camera.

Here is the sharing of CEO Nguyen Tu Quang:

The power of camera on Bphone B86 is COMPUTING PHOTOGRAPHY technology. The launch event had many new features to mention, so there was no opportunity to say much about a feature which is also important for smartphone camera. That is the night photography of sNight equipped on Bphone B86.

Using COMPUTING PHOTOGRAPHY, specifically sCorrection technology, Bkav engineers kept the maximum amount of light particles entering the lens before using AI to recreate the darkest areas.

The photos below I took from a review by editor that were captured by Bphone B86. The photos are organized in pairs, captured automatically and by sNight. Incredibly, photos that are almost invisible to the naked eyes have appeared through the lens of B86.

I also appreciate the comment in the review: "Night photography on Bphone B86 is very impressive. Overall, Bphone B86 has not achieved the sharpness and color stability like Google Pixel 4, but in many situations it is even, even better. It is very interesting that in the “as dark as night” conditions like this, Bphone B86 performed better than iPhone 11 Pro Max. What Bkav should improve is sharpness, detail, noise reduction, and white balance stability.

Once again the power of COMPUTING PHOTOGRAPHY on B86 has brought us limitless EXPERIENCE.

I wish you a nice week!