Bkav for the 6th consecutive time listed as most well-known trademark
07:05:00 | 20-08-2018

Bkav, the leading firm in network security, software, smartphone, smart devices and smarthome, etc. has been in Viet Nam Top 10 famous brands for the sixth consecutive time. In July 15th morning, Bkav was honored at the award ceremony in Ha Noi along with other brands such as Viet Nam Airlines, Vinaphone, Viglacera, etc.

The Viet Nam well-known trademark voting program is the annual event organized by Viet Nam Intellectual Property Association (VIPA),Viet Nam Intellectual Property Institute (VIPI), Association of Viet Nam Retailers (AVR) and Viet Nam Digital Communications Association (VDC). The program honors and acknowledges organizations, businesses with continuous innovation to provide markets with high quality brands and goods, perfect services and contribute to the economic development of the country.  

Mrs. Do Thu Hang, Director of Communication of Bkav said: "Bkav has chosen a difficult path to focus on developing high-tech products with the goal of letting Viet Nam become a technology – producing country. For many years, we have always been dedicated and passionated for that. Bkav is honored to be the sixth consecutive in the Top 10 well-known brands in Viet Nam. For us, this is a noble award for the endeavour of Bkav ".   

Established in 1995, Bkav Corporation is the leading firm in network security, software, smartphone, smart devices and smarthome manufaturer. In the field of network security, Bkav antivirus software has overcome foreign products for many consecutive years, becoming "the most favourite information security products" voted by Viet Nam Information Security Association (VNISA). Bkav has over 10 million users, occupying the overwhelming market share in Viet Nam. Earlier this year, Bkav 2018 was launched with cloud computing technology and AI integration, which automatically analyses, early detects dangers, kills virus, prevents spyware, and protects data and accounts.

Bkav also provides others network security products such as real-time early detection and warning devices, information security policy management solution in enterprises, Firewall device against denial of services.

In the field of smart devices, Bkav was well-known with Bkav SmartHome, the perfect solution according to Gartner standard. More than 10 years ago, Bkav did research and develop the first generation of Bkav SmartHome system, connecting all electrical appliances in the house into a system that can be controlled automatically according to intelligent scenarios. In the year 2017, with the target of widespreading SmartHome in Viet Nam, Bkav launched the second generation of Bkav SmartHome system fulfilling all standards of a modern house at a optimum price. SmartHome of Bkav has been deployed on more than 1.000 apartments, villas in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city and others big cities in Viet Nam. Besides, Bkav SmartHome has reached out to the world and considered an effective solution to the world's first smart national strategy of Singapore.

Bkav is the first technology corporation in Viet Nam that has successfully developed high-end smartphone. In 2017, Bkav launched Bphone 2017 - the new generation of smartphone with the mission to lay the foundation of smartphone producing industry in Viet Nam. The manufacturer has cooperated with Viettel and MobiFone network carriers to sell Bphone 2017 to users.

Bkav is also a provider of certificate authority service BkavCA, Electronic tax declaration and submission, Electronic social insurance submission, Electronic invoice and Electronic government solutions.