Bkav CEO: Apple should replace Lightning port with USB-C
02:00:00 | 24-10-2020

October 22, Nguyen Tu Quang, CEO of Bkav Corporation shared on Bphone Fans Club (BFC) about Apple ditching charger which was causing controversy in the technology community. As a smartphone manufacturer, Bkav CEO thought that Apple should replace Lightning connection port with USB-C to protect the environment better.

Bphone 2017 was one of the first smartphones in the world equipped with a USB-C port at the time of launch

Here is the share of CEO Quang:

Over the past few days, the technology community has been disputing Apple’s decision to ditch chargers. Apple believes this will avoid duplication of accessories that many users already have, thereby reducing material consumption and electronic waste.

As a smartphone maker, I think this idea is quite reasonable. However, to protect the environment at a higher level, I think Tim Cook should choose a simple solution, which is replacing lightning connection port with USB-C.

There are billions of phone chargers in use every day in the market. And a very large part of these belong to Android phones which use USB-C ports.

Apple just needs to replace the Lightning port with USB-C, as it did with iPads and Macbook computers, to make sharing chargers much more viable, helping to protect the environment.

USB-C is a versatile connection standard, which is great when it can replace most of today's popular ports such as HDMI, USB-type A, DisplayPort and charging port. Especially USB-C can support fast charging up to 100W. In addition, data transfer speed of USB-C is up to 2.44 GB/s.

Therefore, 3 years ago, I decided to equip Bphone 2017 with USB-C port. Bphone 2017 was then one of the first smartphones in the world equipped with this port.