WiFi antenna on Bphone 2017 meets the international standards

On August 19, Bphone 2017 was officially sold in the market and received positive feedback from Vietnamese users. However, in the past few days, on some forums, it is said that Bphone 2017 will lose WiFi signal when the antenna is covered. We would like to have a formal response to this issue as follows:

Currently, all smartphones must have a wifi antenna in the devices for wifi transmission. According to the antenna operation principle, if users use their hands to cover the position of antenna on the device, the wifi signal can be weaker, even disconnected. This is true for every smartphone. Therefore, a principle for manufacturers when designing the antenna is to locate the antenna in places that are not covered in actual use situations. Choosing the right positions ensures the standard of smartphone antenna design in use.

During the design of antenna for Bphone 2017, Bkav engineers have strictly applied the antenna design standards including the standard mentioned above. In fact, Bphone antenna is designed in the lower left corner when rotating the device horizontally. It is one of the locations that are not covered when used in real situations. In the case of "losing signal" above, we see the user's palm pressed firmly on the antenna location on Bphone 2017 and that is not a real use case.

For different smartphones, losing signal due to covering your hands on the antenna will have different effects because of the antenna locations. Therefore, just considering a position of hands on different smartphones to assess the ability of wifi signal transmission is unfair. In a different position, wifi signal of Bphone 2017 may not be weak but other smartphones may even have no signals.

Once again, we affirm that Bphone 2017 is the passion of Bkav Corporation and that all designs are extremely well-designed and properly standardized before being launched to the market, especially for the antenna design.

Qualcomm representative confirmed at the Bphone 2017 launch event that Qualcomm had participated in verifying the quality of Bkav smartphone in terms of signal and data transmission speed and evaluated that Bphone 2017 meet the international standards on antenna design.