Top News
Recently, a dangerous virus named Flame has appeared and widely spread in the Middle East. Analyses show that this virus is specially designed to steal important information in infected countries.
By the end of 2011, a hole was found on Rhino JavaScript, the technology which supports JavaScript to interact with Java. The hole made Oracle Java SE be able to penetrate any code segments (without right limit) though a specially prepared .jar file.
Bkav Games 02, an extra-office activity for Bkavers, has 22 sports such as: athletes, football, tennis, golf mini, tug, darts, pushing, high jump, long jump, slow bicycle…with 70 events and more than 70 sets of medal.
Monitoring and analyzing the virus variants, Bkav found out that hackers control Ramnit botnet by using IRC protocol via many servers located in USA, Russia, Germany and China.
According to the latest testing results produced by Virus Bulletin (United Kingdom), Bkav antivirus software has successfully entered the world top’s three antivirus softwares.