Online Payment Instructions

20:47:00 | 20-09-2011

We cooperate with OnePAY Payment Gateway ( to accept Online Card Payment. All of your card information is processed through SSL Protocol to ensure your data's security. Your card information will not be stored on our system.

We accept two online payment methods: Visa Card and MasterCard.

Your online purchase will be made following these steps:

1. Customer Information

  • In the homepage, click Buy Online.

  • A page appears as below. Fill in the information as required. The information should be exact as it appears on your card. Such information is served to deliver license key and contact customers in case support is needed.


  • Click Continue

2. Card Information

OnePAY Payment Gateway page appears as below. Fill in the billing information to make payment.


  • Click Process Payment.

3. Transaction Result

  • Wait a few seconds for the transaction's result. For the successful transaction, we will send you the license key and payment confirmation note via e-mail.


In some cases, your transaction may be not successful due to:

  • Incorrect card information.
  • Not enough credit balance (daily or monthly).
  • Your card has not been activated for online payment. In this case, you should contact the Issuing Bank for card activation.

In case you enter correct card information but still do not receive the transaction result from us, please do not try to make other payment. Contact us to get the transaction's result and confirmation of the Order.


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