Why Bphone

15:31:00 | 04-11-2015


Why Bphone?

  Beautiful and high-personality

Holding Bphone in the hand, you must acknowledge that it is one of the world's most beautiful smartphones. Bphone is the first flat-design smartphone in the world, beautiful and high-personality.

  Smart Operating system (BOS), easier to use than Iphone and open like Android

  The safest smartphone in the world with no virus, no spam

  The smartphone is considered as the world's best music player

  The world-top beautiful and fidelity screen

Using the dedicated measure equipment, Bphone brings the world-class authentic display. Placing Bphone beside other leading smartphones, you can experience the difference.

  TransferJet Technology

The first smartphone to be integrated with ultra-high and close-range data transfer technology - 500 times faster than using NFC. Just 30s, you can share an HD video up to 1GB.

  World-class camera

High-quality camera hardware combined with  upgraded software versions since launching help produce photos with the highest accuracy, among the best in the world and you can easily recognize.

  Best Customer Support

Just touching "Connection" icon on Bphone screen, you will be connected to our 24/7 support team. Direct warranty from the manufacturer.

  Reasonable price

The world's smartphone masterpiece with an extremely reasonable price, which is only over a half in comparison with others of the same smartphone segment. Bkav puts a lot of efforts to get this reasonable price, via the online distribution to cut 30% of intermediate cost compares to the traditional distribution method.


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