Bkis, as a member of APCERT, received a request from KrCERT (Korean Computer Emergency Response Team) to investigate the incident that was performing DDoS attacks on websites of South Korea and the US.
Bkav has recently warned the community that some antivirus softwares can harm Windows after the scanning process. To find out more about this issue, eChip’s reporter has had an interview with Nguyen Tu Quang, CEO of Bkav.
For the past few days, many newspapers like Computer World, PC World, CNET and Information Week have reported Google Chrome's critical vulnerability discovered by Bkis.
Bkav has recently got requests for help from users complaining about their computer downtime. The disruption happens just after the virus scanning process.
Bkav announced the official launch of BkavEnterprise – the comprehensive security solution for business computing environment. This is a high-class Bkav pedigree which Bkav researchers have been studying and developing in the past two years.