The world’s largest communications and IT exhibition, CeBIT, this year observed attendance of 3,500 corporations coming from 70 countries. Bkav SmartHome brought the exhibition our complete smart home solution.
Bkav Internet Security Corporation says 30% of Google search results for keywords relating to Flappy Bird download lead to impostors. Global users searching for the game will be directed to sources in Vietnam, Flappy Bird’s homeland, and some other sources in Russia, facing the risk, Bkav adds.
November 26, 2013, Bkav Internet Security Corporation officially launches our series of Internet security products for 2014, including antivirus software for computer users, data protection solutions for mobile and antivirus, anti-spam solutions for enterprises.
Bkav Internet Security Corporation today releases an independent research which says 22% of global websites have vulnerabilities.
Bkav Mobile Security software has officially reached the milestone of 2 million installs. This is from Google Play only, users of other operating systems like iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian have not been counted.