Bkav Internet Security Corporation today releases an independent research which indicates 1.4 million routers worldwide are left unpatched against two long unearthed critical flaws. Dubbing it Pet Hole, Bkav says the issue is more dangerous than Heartbleed, the most notorious flaw of the year 2014.
CEO of Qualcomm Indochina, Mr.Thieu Phuong Nam, said Bkav is the first in Southeast Asia to enter into direct contract with the corporation to use all of Qualcomm patents in smartphones they produce.
February 4th 2015, Bkav Internet Security Corporation officially launches series of Internet security products for 2015, integrated strong defense technologies such as Social Network Access Protection, Anti Malware and Anti Ransomware.
The world's largest tradeshow of consumer electronics and technology, CES 2015, has just opened in the state of Nevada (US. The big surprise here is the appearance of the SmartHome solution from Bkav Corporation of Vietnam.
Bkav Corporation and Phu My Hung Corporation have just announced the cooperation to bring SmartHome technology by Bkav into Phu My Hung's super luxury villas of the project Chateau (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City).