(VnExpress) The first smartphone of Bkav shall be launched at the National Convention Center, Hanoi on May 26, 2015. The event is expected to be one of the most impressive product launching events of Vietnam.
( We have got in hand the smartphone that has attracted the biggest attention in Vietnam market currently, Bphone. This is the first-hand smartphone of the technology corporation, Bkav.
"We want Vietnamese people to believe that what the largest corporations in the world can do, Vietnam can also do. We only lack belief in ourselves, in our people."
Nguyen Tu Quang marched onto the stage to an eruption of cheers, pounding beats and flashing cameras. Held high in his hand was the device he claimed would change Vietnam's technology industry forever: a domestically made high-end smartphone.
After a long time being sought from tech-lovers with prediction of design, configuration and so on, in the morning May 26, the world's smartphone masterpiece – Bphone is officially launched at Vietnam National Convention Center. “Amazing” is the feeling of people attending the event.