August 16, 2016, Bkav has officially launched Bkav Internet Security 2016, equipped with Anti Leak technology, which helps prevent information spills caused by targeted spyware attacks.
(CNET) Road Trip 2015: Bkav, which made its money selling security software, is the first to design and build a smartphone in Vietnam.
June 25, the cyber security challenge WhiteHat Contest 11, organized by Bkav Corporation, officially took place on WhiteHat Forum – the Vietnam cyber security forum. The event attracted 227 teams from many countries all over the world as the United States, Russia, China, Japan, etc. The final result...
Bphone is actually "not moderate" when step by step proving the message of Bkav CEO Nguyen Tu Quang that this is the world's smartphone masterpiece.
Latest research by Bkav Internet Security Corporation shows that Samsung Galaxy S8’s Iris scanner can be easily bypassed with a camera and a little of wet glue.