Temporary fix for Xperia Z lockscreen glitch released by Bkav

01:15:00 | 27-03-2013

Mountain View, Calif., March 27, 2013 - Following iPhone and some Samsung models, March 25, Sony's flagship Xperia Z handset was added to the list of smartphones affected by lockscreen security issues. While Sony hasn't released an official patch, today, Bkav successfully developed an update to its free version of Bkav Mobile Security to protect Xperia Z users.

The lockscreen bypass on Xperia Z phones was disclosed by Scott Reed. Replicating it is simple. From the lockscreen, scoundrels just need to open the emergency call window, enter *#*#7378423#*#* before having certain interactions with the Service menu and finally press Home button to gain complete access to the device.

This flaw on Xperia Z shares the same nature with Samsung lock screen bypass flaw on which Bkav has a detailed analysis. Bkav has analyzed and found out that Sony engineers have also made logical mistake on programming emergency call app, allowing users to access a menu inside the phone from lockscreen. It means a normal app (in this case the Service menu) is allowed to run even when the phone has been locked.

Bkav's approach is to block access to a menu inside the phone from lockscreen. Besides, upon detecting signs of intrusion attempts, Bkav Mobile Security will capture the unauthorized user's image with the phone's front camera, then email the photo to the phone's owner. While awaiting Sony's official patch, Xperia Z users might use this solution by Bkav to protect their phones.

Bkav Mobile Security fixes the lockscreen flaw on Xperia Z phones

Users can download the free version of Bkav Mobile Security from Google Play or from its developer's website Mobile.bkav.com. On the software's interface, choose Anti Theft, then tick on "Anti lock screen bypass". This option only appears on Xperia Z phones.

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Bkav Mobile Security is a software that protects your smartphone and now has more than 1 million users. Bkav Mobile Security is equipped with Smart Filter which automatically blocks up to 100% of SMS spams, the software blocks unexpected calls as well. Besides Antivirus, Anti Theft, Find my Phone, calls, messages, contacts Backup and Restore, Bkav Mobile Security is integrated with Privacy Advisor and Safe Browsing.

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