( Occupying an attractive position in the Qualcomm Expo 3G/LTE Summit on the subject of Mobile Expanding and Computing, Bphone's booth received a lot of attention from the participants.
( We have got in hand the smartphone that has attracted the biggest attention in Vietnam market currently, Bphone.
02:00 October 24 (UTC), the Qualification Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix - Global challenge 2015 officially started. It was a 24-hour aggressive competition of 467 teams from 67 countries like the United States, Russia, Poland, South Korea, Japan ect. and the host country Vietnam.
Bkav Corporation is pleased to announce WhiteHat Grand Prix – Global Challenge 2015 (CTF contests).
(CNET) Road Trip 2015: Bkav, which made its money selling security software, is the first to design and build a smartphone in Vietnam.