Bkav delivers gold-plated invitation to Bphone 2 launching event

21:45:00 | 24-07-2017

Morning July 24, Bkav has officially delivered Bphone 2 launching invitation to the press. The second-generation of Bphone shall be introduced this August 8 in Hanoi.

Bphone 2 launching invitation is printed with gold-plated word "Chất" (qualitativeness).

The letter is specially designed which looks like a gold-plate board. Bkav says that the letter emulates correctly the board that is used for Bphone 2. Before that, the image of Bphone 2 gold-plated board was also leaked on the Internet.

More details are revealed after scanning the QR code printed on the invitation

It is special that the information is not displayed directly on the letter. Therefore, attendants must soak it on water for a while, then gold-printed part on the back side will be melted and the information of 9 o'clock August 8 at National Convention Center will be displayed. It is also the place where the 1st version of Bphone was launched.

Bkav denies to say about the information that the letter's design leaks water resistant function of Bphone 2.

Launching event will start at 9 o'clock August 8.

Another special thing of the letter is that Bkav uses QR code for each user as an electronic invitation. As scanning at a code reader, attendant's and event's information will be displayed.

According to Bkav, Bphone 2 launching event will attract the attendance of more than 2,000 guests, including reporters, bloggers and customers.


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