Warranty policy

All Products, phone accessories provided by Bkav will be applicable to the preferential warranty policy in the following forms:


Smartphones sold within 14 days, if there are faults from the manufacturer, will be changed for a new one.

Smartphone is changed for a new one on the condition that the body is not scratched, the smartphone is within valid warranty condition, all accessories in the box remain sufficient and new, the box is intact; IMEI number on the box and on the body must be the same. Pad must remain inside the box to protect Product and there includes the valid invoice and warranty certificate.


Smartphones are warranted free of charge within 12 months since the date of activation. In which:

  • Microphone and adapter will be warranted for 12 months
  • Case and battery will be warranted for 12 months

Some cases to Customer's attention:

  • Smartphone of Bkav when being sold is entitled to "Warranty Policy" but must satisfy all warranty conditions of Bkav (see in Article Warranty Conditions). Accessories enclosed (user guide, CD, box…) are not warranted.
  • Bkav is not responsible for Customer's storage data or programs lost due to technical errors arising.
  • During the warranty period, if there is any defect, Customer please sends the phone to the Warranty Center and it will take 03-10 days for repair.
Warranty conditions

Conditions for valid warranty

Products will be warranted if they satisfy the following conditions:

  • Products are within the warranty period, which is 12 months since the date of activation.
  • Damages due to quality of components or technical errors during the manufacturing process.
  • Products to Warranty Center must remain warranty stamp and be enclosed with valid warranty certificate of that Product. 
  • Products are not listed as denied for warranty.
Accessories' name Warranty conditions
Mechanical details
  • Buttons stuck
  • Deformed products due to the swollen battery during the warranty period.
  • SIM card is not recognized
  • SIM card tray stuck
  • Power lost
  • Light leaking error
  • Parts are deformed, burnt, broken by itself during the warranty period.
  • Parts, accessories are not working or not working properly with their functions, deformed, warped which were not caused by external impacts or severe environment conditions.
Front and rear camera
  • Ensure bonded conditions.
  • Flashlight is not working.
  • Blue tint on photos.
  • Photos are blurry.
  • Videos are blurry.
  • Camera is not working.
  • The "selective focus" feature is not working.
  • Features are not properly as informed.
Module Display
  • Ensure bonded conditions.
  • Up 5 dead spots on the screen.
  • Touch errors.
  • Slider is not working to answer incoming calls.
  • Blue tint on the screen.
  • Functional buttons are not working.
  • Severe light leaking screen (clear color cleavage) around the screen border.
  • The screen flickers.
  • Touch disorders.
  • The screen displays wrong colors, deep color tint.
  • Ensure bonded conditions.
  • Battery is hot and drops fast.
  • Battery explodes.
  • Battery swells.
Speaker, Receiver
  • Ensure bonded conditions.
  • Speaker is not working, or low, cracked sound.
Flex USB Printed circuit board
  • Ensure outside form.
  • USB port cannot be recognized when connected to PC/laptop.
  • The device not charging when plugged into USB ports.
  • 3LED icons are not on when touching the screen.
  • Turn on speaker but no sound.
  • The phone cannot record or sound is deformed.
Flex Audio
  • Ensure bonded conditions.
  • No sound after headphones plugged in.
  • Charger is plugged in but no LED icon.
  • "Vibration" mode is activated but the device does not vibrate.
Antenna of TransferJet
  • Ensure bonded conditions.
  • Unable to transfer data.
Antenna 3G/GSM
  • Ensure outside form.
  • Insert SIM card but no carrier.
  • No cellular signal.
Antenna GPS
  • Ensure bonded conditions.
  • Not receive the satellite signal.
  • No notification icon.
Antenna Wifi
  • Ensure bonded conditions.
  • No Wi-Fi connection.
Main PCB version 16GB/64GB/128GB
  • Ensure bonded conditions.
  • Accessories on PCB are exploded.
  • Ensure bonded conditions.
  • Have power but unable to charge.
  • Charger is swollen.
  • Ensure bonded conditions.
  • Unable to communicate to data.
  • Unable to charge.
  • Ensure bonded conditions.
  • No sound.
  • Control buttons on headphones are not working.
  • Unable to talk.

Conditions to deny warranty

Products with one of the following conditions will not be warranted:

  • The warranty period is expired.
  • Bar code, IMEI number on Products are unidentifiable or inaccurate with Warranty Certificate.
  • Software enclosed or damages in software.
  • For far-distance customers, Products sent for warranty must be packed properly, enclosed warranty certificate, a copy of VAT invoice and sender's address, contact phone etc. and send to the address of Bkav's Warranty Center. We are not responsible and do not warrant in case of products lost, broken in transit.
Accessories' name Conditions to deny warranty
Mechanical details
  • Deny the warranty for the aluminum frame in case of scratched USB port but still warrant for the device.
  • Products are damaged due to disaster, fire, flood, lightning attack, insects, and animals, placed in dirty, wet and high temperature places, mouldy, rusted or corroded, oxidized by chemicals etc.
  • Customer causes such defects as deformation, crack, scratch, burn etc.
  • Products are altered, repaired not at Bkav's Warranty Center.
  • No warranty stamp.
Module Display
  • Screen is warped, cracked, scratched or affected by sharp objects.
  • Plastic rim around the screen is broken.
  • There are dew, water condensation on the screen or mossy inside the screen.
  • Yellow tint screen under 3 dots  with the diameter below 15 mm.
  • Appears vertical and horizontal lines but the screen does not flicker.
Flex USB
  • Not ensure bonded conditions.
  • PCB of Flex USB is deformed, torn or fired.
Flex Audio
  • Not ensure bonded conditions.
  • PCB of Flex Audio is deformed, torn or fired.
Antenna 3G/GSM
  • Not ensure bonded conditions.
  • Antenna is peeled, torn.
Antenna GPS
  • Not ensure bonded conditions.
  • Antenna is peeled, torn.
Antenna Wifi
  • Not ensure bonded conditions.
  • Antenna is peeled, torn.
Warranty Center
  • Address:
  • Hanoi Office: 1st Floor, HH1 Building, Yen Hoa New Town, Yen Hoa ward, Duong Dinh Nghe street, Cau Giay district
  • Ho Chi Minh Office: No. 67, Road 3, CityLand residential area, Ward 7, Go Vap district
  • Working hours:
  • Monday to Friday and Saturday morning, except holidays
  • Morning: 08.00 - 12.00
  • Afternoon: 13.30 - 17.30
  • Customer Care Center: 1900 54 54 99