How to use Connect application on Bphone

15:14:00 | 18-04-2017


If I encounter any problem when using Bphone, how can I contact Bkav to get the support?


Users can contact Bkav for support via Connect app on Bphone. There are two options, making a call to Bkav Support Center or "Export device status". To use this app, please take the following steps:

Call Bkav Support Center

Step 1: On Bphone interface, select Connect app


Step 2: Select Call


You have successfully taken a call to Bkav Support Center on Bphone. (Only available for Customers in Vietnam)

Export device status

Step 1: On Bphone, select Connect app

Step 2: Touch the support image 7 times

Step 3: Touch icon "…" at the upper right corner on the screen.

Step 4: Select Export device status

Wait for about 2 minutes, there is a notification as in image below.

Step 5: Drag the notification panel down and select Bug report captured

Step 6: After selecting Bug report captured, there is a notification appears so that users can select to send Export device status to Bkav via email (Bmail, Gmail or other services. In this article, we select to share via Bmail.

Step 7: Fill in your email address

Step 8: Send email

You have successfully sent the problem on Bphone to Bkav. Bkav Support Center will analyse and contact you to solve the problem.


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