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Use Bkav Internet Security
for comprehensive protection of your computer!

Users shall face the following risks when using computers daily:

  • Their data be deleted by virus
  • Be tracked by spyware
  • Bank account theft
  • Password theft
  • Virus slowdowns their computers' performance

Bkav Internet Security – Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), being integrated with cloud computing technology, multi-layer protection helps preventing all risks on the Internet, removing virus, spyware, protecting users' data, bank accounts, etc.

Users can buy Bkav Internet Security online with $39.99/1 year/1 device

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Artificial Intelligence Technology
Bkav Internet Security establishes a real time monitoring system which records all abnormal features, symptoms, behaviors of applications, executable files on the systems. Artificial Intelligence integrated in Bkav Internet Security (AI Antivirus) will summarize the received data, analyse and indicate the risks that users can encounter such as: be removed data, tracked by spyware or account theft, etc. then give commands to handle, prevent and remove malware.
Cloud computing technology
Bkav Pro Internet Security is the pioneer antivirus software in using cloud computing technology in security , verified by Virus Bulletin VB100.
Multi-layer protection technology
Bkav Internet Security is equipped with advanced technologies, multi-layer protection, automatically detects and removes virus without the need to update the virus' signature:
  • Anti Ransomware technology automatically detects and removes malware, ransomware.
  • Anti-CoinMiner technology automatically removes cryptocurrency mining malware
  • Anti Leak technology prevents against information theft
  • Safe Payment technology : Secure online transactions
  • Anti Keylogger technology: prevents spy software
  • Anti Adware technology removes adware hidden in browser plugin
  • Bkav Safe Run technology allows users to open unknown files or access unknown websites with no fear about malware.
  • Safe Facebook: protects Facebook account and password
Live update
Using Bkav Internet Security, you are continuously updated with the latest protection technologies from Bkav's server, ensuring the software with full power and latest features..
Technical support
24/7 from experts
If users encounter any problems relating to virus, spyware, etc. when using Bkav Internet Security, they always get the direct support from our leading virus experts. The wonderful thing is that users don't have to pay for this technical support, always.
Bkav Internet Security's features
Memory Scan
Anti Leak
Safe Payment
Anti Keylogger
Scheduled scan
Run on background mode
Safe Download
Auto update
Registry protection
Deep scan
Smart Scan
Quick Scan
Memory Optimization
Packed file scan
Remove Adware
Anti Fake AV
Realtime Protection
Reputation Based Detection
Remove Trojan, Backdoor
Bkav Community-based protection Online System - BCOS
Anti Rootkit
Virtual Keyboard
Prevent hackers from accessing and control computers
Prevent virus spreading via chat programs
Share – full Protection
Site Advisor
Parental Control
Host Intrusion Prevention system - HIPS
Safe Run
USB Protection
Remove metamorphic virus
Remove deep infection of virus into the system
Anti Ransomware
Safe Facebook
Live Connect 24/7
Exclusive support phone number
Exclusive support email