Bkav Internet Security

Bkav Internet Security is the pioneer antivirus software program using cloud computing technology in the field of security, verified by Virus Bulletin VB100.

Bkav Internet Security disinfects and removes malware in real-time with malware detection technologies based on analyzing behaviors, helps keeping you safe from malware regardless of updating malware signatures. Thus, your computer will be protected against any malware risk, targeted malware such as spyware, keylogger or ransomeware etc. Your privacy and data are well-protected anywhere at any time whether you are surfing Internet, joining a social network or making online transactions.

Using Bkav Internet Security, you are continuously updated with the latest protection technologies from Bkav as well as received direct support from our security experts. Exclusive support service for Bkav Internet Security users is a premium free-of-charge service and always available. Relieve yourself from the duty of trying to be security experts, rely on Bkav instead.


Real-time anti-malware features

Real – time protection

Automatically protect your computer in real-time. Warn and destroy any malware intruding your device.

Self Defense

Protect the software itself from any risk of being attacked or compromised

Registry protector

Control, prevent programs from making any interactions, modifications to Registry.

USB Protector

Prevent virus infection via USB or portable storage devices

Safe Removing

Disinfect, remove all types of malware such as Virus, Spyware, Adware, Trojan, Backdoor, Rootkit etc. from your computer without causing any affection to your device as well as any installed software programs.

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Anti-spyware, behavioral-based malware remover

Smartly disinfect and remove malware based on its behavioral activities, regardless of malware signature database. Prevent targeted attacks, information disclosures or spyware.

Anti keylogger

Block all types of keylogger, regardless of malware signature database. Protect passwords and sensitive information from being stolen.

Safe Run

Creating a safe quarantined environment for users to open unknown files downloaded from Internet without the risk of malicious code infection.

Safe Download

Risk-free in downloading all things from Internet.

Anti Fake AV

Removing all types of fake antivirus programs

Host Intrusion Prevention System

Detect and remove malicious code on detecting any interactions to the system.

Smart Rootkit Detector

Smartly detect and remove all types of rootkit from your device regardless of malware signature database.

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Privacy and data protection


Manage all incoming and out coming internet connections, prevent unwanted or unknown connections.

Safe Payment

Secure while making online transactions.

Site Advisor

Help avoiding malicious or fraud website on Internet.

Virtual Keyboard

Replace physical keyboard when entering information for important transactions, help advoid being monitored or stolen information.

Anti Leak

Removing advance spyware types such as webcam spyware, keylogger, microphone eavesdropping etc.

Anti Ransomware

Prevent any attempt to encrypt users’ data for blackmail purpose, protect users’ data from any activities of editing or modifying data.

Parental Control

Protecting your children from risks on Internet

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Smart scan

Smart scan

Smartly scan for malware and optimize your device.

Site Advisor

Help avoiding malicious or fraud website on Internet.

Deep scan

Deeply scan your device to remove the most hardcore malware.

Memory Scan

Scanning for malware in memory

Quick Scan

Scan for malware at optimized speed.

Scheduled scan

Keep your device safe with scheduled scans.

Archived files scan

Scan for malware in archived files.

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Smart Connection to Bkav Contact Center

Live support

Bkav Internet Security users shall be granted the exclusive and direct suport service from Bkav experts, free-of-charge.

Private email support

Exclusive email support service for licensed users.

Live connect

Smart connection channel to Bkav Contact Center.

Bkav Internet Security interfaces:

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Live Update

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Bkav Contact Center

New features

Live Update

Technical support

Main interface

Bkav Contact Center

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